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Introducing Avéli® — The Most Effective & Precise Cellulite Solution

Avéli® is a revolutionary, minimally-invasive cellulite treatment that is designed specifically to smooth out skin in just one office visit. Backed by decades of scientific research, this FDA-approved procedure effectively addresses all levels of cellulite complexities — from slight depressions to deeper dimples. 

We Are Proud To Be The First In Ohio To Offer This Life-Changing Treatment 

As an industry trailblazer, Revelle Aesthetics only invests resources in creating technology that addresses cosmetic issues that no one else has been able to solve. One of those issues that didn’t have an effective option? Cellulite. 

Thanks to the innovative design of the Avéli device, we are now able to eliminate cellulite in both the buttocks and thighs in just a single in-office session and give our patients the confidence they need to show off their legs and assets once again! 

How Does Avéli Work?

To understand the Avéli technology, we first have to get a good grasp on what cellulite is! Cellulite is a series of connective tissue (called septa) that latches onto the skin and pulls it down, creating that “dimple” that we see. It is typically caused by genetics, age, body fat percentage and the thickness of the skin. While cellulite is considered a harmless condition that affects hundreds of millions of women throughout the world, it is also a major source of insecurity that we can now address with Avéli. 

The proprietary Avéli handheld device is made up of two primary components — a light and a hook that houses a surgical-grade blade. As the device is injected into small, strategically placed entry sites in the skin, the transilluminating light allows our providers to see through the skin and gauge how deep the device is at any time. The hook component is meticulously guided along targeted areas and the device is kept closer to the surface of the skin because that is where the most cellulite-inducing bands exist. 

What Is The Patient Experience Like?

To begin, our providers first locate the target areas of the body with the most noticeable instances of cellulite and circle them. Then, they identify an entry point that gives them equal access to these areas in an effort to make as few entry points as possible. The device is then injected into the skin and is pushed past the deepest cellulite depression.

The surgical blade (safely housed within the hook) is then unsheathed as the device is pulled back toward the entry point. The blade retracts and severs the connective bands, releasing the skin and eliminating the appearance of cellulite. It can sometimes take multiple passes to fully break through these bands. 

This treatment takes about one full hour to complete and is performed while a patient is awake user local anesthesia. All of the work can be completed within a single session. 

Who Is A Good Candidate? 

When deciding if someone is a candidate for cellulite treatment, we look to make sure that they are:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Not pregnant
  • In good health with no known disease that could complicate treatment

Note: These are the criteria for patients to be medically cleared for Avéli. There are certain circumstances in which an individual may be better suited for a different skin tightening procedure to eliminate the appearance of cellulite. This will be determined within the initial consultation. 

How Much Does Avéli Cost?

The cost for this treatment is based on complexity and the number of areas treated. A patient can typically target just the buttocks or thighs for $3,500. It costs $4,000 to target both areas in one session. Some circumstances require additional resources and may cost $5,000; this will be determined during the initial consultation. 

When Can I Expect Results?

Much to the delight of patients, results actually begin showing during the treatment. However, due to swelling and bruising, it can take up to one full month for full results to surface and show through. The results are designed to be a permanent fix. 

What Is Avéli Recovery Like?

Because Avéli is so precise, recovery time is faster and more comfortable when compared to other cellulite treatments. Patients can expect to have some bruising, soreness and swelling after their procedure. This may last up to 30 days but often clears up much sooner. 

We ask that patients keep strenuous activity to a minimum for the first week as the treated area heals. Most patients are able to return to normal daily activities as soon as the insertion points have healed (within 48 hours). 

Reform And Repair: Complimentary Body Recovery Product

After your Avéli treatment, we will provide a complimentary Reform And Repair topical treatment from Alastin. This unique product accelerates the recovery process and minimizes any risk of scarring while also enhancing your results by aiding in the production of new elastin and collagen. This serum ensures you get the greatest experience from beginning to end — just as you deserve! 

Meet Stacie Isler - Columbus, Ohio's Cellulite Treatment Specialist

Stacie is our in-office expert when it comes to cellulite treatments, reduction and elimination. She is THE pioneer when it comes to Avéli in Columbus, Ohio and her attention to detail ensures patients adore their incredible long-term results for years to come. 

Do you have additional questions about Avéli treatments? We invite you to get in touch with us to discuss your personal goals, book your first consultation and get back to loving your legs!